Tips For Reducing Your Vehicle’s Diesel Fuel Consumption

Fuel prices are sky rocketing, but there are so many ways you can reduce the fuel consumption of your vehicle and can reduce your monthly fuel expense.

Whether you own a manual car or an automatic model, always accelerate gently and do not be so harsh on breaks. If you break gently and less often, less fuel will be used. Applying too much of breaks and accelerating roughly affects the mileage of your car.

Use of air conditioning in cars makes it use more of fuel. The fuel consumption is almost 10-15% more when you put the air conditioning on. If the weather is good, open the windows and enjoy clean and fresh air outside. It would be good for your health and also for your purse.

Carrying too much load also increases the fuel consumption of your vehicle. If you are going on a holiday or visiting a family member, do not stuff your car with anything and everything. Instead, take only that which is important and which you think would be required. The less luggage you carry, the better mileage you can enjoy.

An engine that is neat and clean burns fuel economically and allows you to enjoy more kilometres per gallon. Take your car to the local service station and get the air filters and oil changed regularly.

Properly inflated tyres prevent the vehicle from dragging on the road and thereby reduce the fuel cost. Before you set out on a long drive or a weekend getaway, get the tyre pressure checked.

There are some other ways of enjoying fuel economy. Do ensure that the filler cap is properly closed after filling the car with fuel as preventing the fuel vapour from escaping the fuel tank would help cut down the fuel cost. Make sure that the fan or the ventilation system in the car is not on when you do not need it. Avoid charging your phones, I-pods, and mp4s to reduce your car’s fuel consumption.

All these are relatively simple and inexpensive ways of cutting down your fuel consumption. You may also get fuel enhancement products for enjoying even better fuel efficiency.