Check The Following Things In Your Vehicle To Have A Smooth Holiday

Excited to go on that much awaited holiday? Is everything packed and stuffed inside the car? Make sure you check the following things to avoid any breakdowns or unpleasant experience on the way.

  • Check your engine oil. It keeps the important parts of your engine lubricated and prevents friction. This in turn prevents corrosion and results in fuel efficiency. If you notice engine oil leaking out from the pipes, take your car to a local car repair shop. It is important to change the engine oil every 3000 miles. If you forgot to change your engine oil, do it before you leave for holiday.
  • Add engine coolant to the engine. It helps keep the engine cool by taking away the heat from the heated parts of the engine and also prevents corrosion.
  • Do add anti freeze if it’s winter time. Anti freeze stops vital engine fluids from freezing in cold weather. It also helps prevent the fluids in your car engine from over heating during extreme hot weather conditions.
  • Check the transmission fluids. If you are not able to change the gear smoothly or you feel that the brakes are not performing as they should, you must get the transmission fluid checked.
  • You may not be expecting the rain to come but there is no harm in checking your windshield wipers. But it’s not only during the rainy season that you need to use the windscreen wipers. If you are going to a dry or dusty region, you would need the windscreen washer to keep your windshield clean and clear and to be able to see clearly outside.

Perform these simple checks before you leave and have a smooth, hassle-free driving experience. Happy holidays!!