Common Rail Principle in Diesel Engines

Common rail is the innermost container in a diesel engine and it supplies the different injectors with fuel. Pressure, injection and generation are the 3 vital components of fuel injectors system and these are segregated. It is possible to store the fuel at high pressure in the common rail container. With this arrangement, high injection pressure is feasible even at low speeds.  Fine atomization of fuel is thus a possibility and it eventually makes clean combustion possible.

The supply of fuel is not related to the speed of diesel engine as it is controlled autonomously at every point along the way, enhancing efficiency. This is why in modern common rail systems used in vehicles, there is a larger scope for controlling fuel injection at the pre-injection, main injection and post injection point.

The engine control unit of the car or truck is the brain that controls the entire system and opens each fuel injector automatically. These signals are processed very fast – multiple times in a second – to ensure that the vehicle is always running at its optimum efficacy while also keeping the emissions at acceptable levels. It also helps to maintain good fuel efficiency in the vehicle. The ECU also has a “map” that tells the fuel injection system, at each engine speed and setting the amount of fuel to be injected into the engine. Timely fuel injector cleaning servicing of vehicle as per schedule also adds to its performance efficiency.


A Roadside Emergency Kit

For optimum performance of your car, you may have ensured regular servicing and invested in best auto performance parts in Canada, but while going on long road trip for business or vacations, it is wise to be fully prepared. A flat tire from a nail on the road or any problem due to adverse weather or road conditions can spoil your trip. But if you are prepared with a basic roadside emergency kit, such problems may not be very complex or time consuming to resolve.

You can purchase a readily available pack from the market or collect the different items together to have your own kit, some of the things that should be a part of a useful roadside emergency kit include:

  • Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Gloves
  • Tow rope
  • Jumper cables
  • Flat tire repair essentials
  • Funnel/cone
  • Plastic water bag
  • Rain poncho
  • Plastic zip ties
  • Emergency blanket
  • Wet naps
  • First aid kit
  • Help flags

The first aid kit should contain:

  • Injury information card
  • Cotton balls
  • Plastic bandages
  • Small antiseptic towels
  • Large gauze
  • Rubber gloves
  • Any general medications that you may be on

Of course you would need to customize your kit as per your personal requirements and the terrain/weather of the places that you will pass through on your road trip.

Three Typical Brake Problems in Vehicles

To ensure the finest auto performance, it is essential to take good care of all parts of your car. During the periodic service of the vehicle and fitting of any new auto accessories in Canada, the functioning of all parts and systems must be checked. At times, you might have faced major or minor barking problems in a vehicle.

Weak brakes, squishy pedals and grinding sounds are some issues that have commonly plagued vehicles. If the brake pedal of your cat goes too far down, before it stops, you may be facing one or more of these issues:

Low level of brake fluid: Brakes fail to function efficiently if the fluid level is low. It must be topped off to the mark on the side of the reservoir.

Contamination in brake fluid: Even though brakes in all four wheelers operate in a closed system, contaminants may still enter and affect the working. Air may seep into the system through any little hole, and you may also get moisture in the system due to condensation. Though there is not quite a way to diagnose this, but bleeding the brakes will eliminate the poor stuff and replace it with new and clean fluid.

Poor brake power boost unit: If the brake booster develops a problem, there will be issues in effectively bringing the vehicle to a halt. Most of the brake boosters are vacuum controlled, so you would need a special device to measure vacuum. This links with the brake booster. If the results are poor, you would need to replace the boost unit.

Turbo Diesel Engine for Your Vehicles

If you invest in fuel additives and periodic fuel injector cleaning for your vehicle’s engine, you might also understand that a car on turbo runs faster and is more efficient – more so if it is a diesel car engine.

As per plain engine physics, the more fuel burnt in an engine, the greater amount of power it will generate. Throwing large amounts of fuel – diesel or gasoline – into the engine is quite simple. However, it is also essential to get the right amount of oxygen into it. This is because the engine does need both air and fuel to make those explosions. This is where a turbo helps – it physically throws air into the combustion chamber with considerable pressure and with lot more air, more fuel gets burnt and powers up the car.

The question that now comes to mind is – if more fuel is burnt, would it not cause poor gas mileage? For someone who drives a turbo charged car with a lead foot, this is true. In other words, more fuel will be used than what would have been sued in the same engine with no turbo. However, the best aspect about turbocharging is that extra power is available on demand or only when the car needs extra power. So, if you drive your car well, there is no need to worry about heavy consumption of fuel in the engine. You will use less diesel because unlike a vehicle with big fuel guzzling engine (using gallons of fuel all the time) your car will simply use little fuel and use little more of it only in that passing lane or on steep slopes.

Fuel Additives: To Keep Your Diesel Engine Working In Cold Weather

It is not easy to start diesel engine in cold weather conditions. There are mainly two reasons why attempting to start diesel engines in cold temperatures is so difficult. One is that the initial cold air is drawn into the turbocharger and is compressed into the cylinder head of the engine. The second is that the fuel itself gets so cold and is sprayed into the engine’s combustion chamber.

Adding the right fuel additive mixtures is therefore important if you want your engine to start easily. Fuel additives mix with the diesel fuel and prevent the fuel from freezing even in the coldest temperatures. As well as preventing the fuel from gelling up, fuel additives even improve the efficiency of the fuel.

You can save money at the fuel pumps by adding a good quality fuel additive to your vehicle. Fuel additives have another unique feature. They can clean your car’s fuel injection system and the whole fuel system indeed. Further, you can prevent the black smoke from being emitted from your car and can add your bit in keeping the environment neat and clean.

This is not all. Fuel additive provides your car protection against rust, and provide anti-wear protection for your fuel injector system. This can actually make your car last longer.

Tips to Improve the Fuel Economy of Your Vehicle

There are several things you can do to obtain the best fuel economy of your vehicle- car, truck, bike, jeeps, auto wheelers and others.

Avoid idling of engine: ‘Idling’ the engine wastes a lot of fuel and produces unnecessary pollution. It is advisable to shut down the engine when the vehicle is not in motion.

Drive carefully while observing speed limit: Driving too fast or too slow can significantly reduce your fuel economy. Thus, no matter which vehicle do you have, it is advisable to maintain an average speed limit while driving.

Air Filter:

A dirty intake filter can lead to a drop in fuel efficiency. So, it is advisable to check the filter regularly ensuring that it is clean.

Use your gears wisely

Try to drive in the highest gear possible without giving pressure to the engine. It is the most fuel-efficient way of driving.

Provide regular vehicle maintenance: Follow a schedule and do provide regular maintenance to your vehicle.

You can also look for fuel enhancements products and additives that ensure high performance and longevity of your vehicle. Keep your car in good condition!

Advantages of Turbo Chargers

Turbochargers deliver an unparalleled power when installed to your vehicle’s diesel engine. These are basically force induction devices that are used to produce more power for the diesel engine. Turbo charged engines are more efficient and powerful than ordinary engines. These increase the fuel mixture ratio enabling the engine to process fuel and air at a rapid speed.

The several advantages of turbo chargers are:

• Enhanced engine power and reduced emissions result in making your vehicle more fuel efficient than before. This contributes in making your vehicle more environmental friendly as you can drive longer distances on less fuel.

• Twin turbochargers also reduce the time that is actually required for the functioning of a turbine. As a result, you are able to attain a higher speed in a short span of time.

• Twin turbo kits utilize the wasted energy and create fresh energy making your vehicle absolutely eco-friendly by reducing carbon emissions that create air pollution.

Search across reputable web stores dealing in reliable turbo chargers and kits and make your vehicle fully equipped with fuel and money saving devices.