All You Wanted To Know About Fuel Additives

There is a huge variety of fuel additives in the market nowadays. Most of these additives claim to improve the performance of your engine, increase your vehicle’s acceleration and horse power and cut down your fuel consumption and expense.

What exactly are fuel additives? How do they work?

Fuel additives are basically liquids that are added to diesel fuel or petrol. They can be added into the fuel at the pumps or you may choose to buy them separately. Fuel additives are added into the fuel either with the help of filler cap or through other parts of the fuel system.

When added to standard petrol or diesel, fuel additives improve the fuel performance by virtue of removing the impurities from the fuel. This in fact is the most important feature of the fuel additives. By removing dirt, dust, and grime, fuel additives prevent these substances from depositing on the engine. Dirt and dust if allowed to develop on the engine reduces its efficiency and performance.

There are many different types of fuel additives. For the sake of convenience, they can be categorized in to three main types-those that help improve the performance of your engine, those that result in fuel economy, and those that help maintain the condition of your car.

Studies have revealed that adding fuel additives result in significant improvement in engine performance. Now if you want to enjoy the benefits offered by fuel additives you have to choose the best quality additives available in the market.


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