Common Rail Principle in Diesel Engines

Common rail is the innermost container in a diesel engine and it supplies the different injectors with fuel. Pressure, injection and generation are the 3 vital components of fuel injectors system and these are segregated. It is possible to store the fuel at high pressure in the common rail container. With this arrangement, high injection pressure is feasible even at low speeds.  Fine atomization of fuel is thus a possibility and it eventually makes clean combustion possible.

The supply of fuel is not related to the speed of diesel engine as it is controlled autonomously at every point along the way, enhancing efficiency. This is why in modern common rail systems used in vehicles, there is a larger scope for controlling fuel injection at the pre-injection, main injection and post injection point.

The engine control unit of the car or truck is the brain that controls the entire system and opens each fuel injector automatically. These signals are processed very fast – multiple times in a second – to ensure that the vehicle is always running at its optimum efficacy while also keeping the emissions at acceptable levels. It also helps to maintain good fuel efficiency in the vehicle. The ECU also has a “map” that tells the fuel injection system, at each engine speed and setting the amount of fuel to be injected into the engine. Timely fuel injector cleaning servicing of vehicle as per schedule also adds to its performance efficiency.


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