Three Typical Brake Problems in Vehicles

To ensure the finest auto performance, it is essential to take good care of all parts of your car. During the periodic service of the vehicle and fitting of any new auto accessories in Canada, the functioning of all parts and systems must be checked. At times, you might have faced major or minor barking problems in a vehicle.

Weak brakes, squishy pedals and grinding sounds are some issues that have commonly plagued vehicles. If the brake pedal of your cat goes too far down, before it stops, you may be facing one or more of these issues:

Low level of brake fluid: Brakes fail to function efficiently if the fluid level is low. It must be topped off to the mark on the side of the reservoir.

Contamination in brake fluid: Even though brakes in all four wheelers operate in a closed system, contaminants may still enter and affect the working. Air may seep into the system through any little hole, and you may also get moisture in the system due to condensation. Though there is not quite a way to diagnose this, but bleeding the brakes will eliminate the poor stuff and replace it with new and clean fluid.

Poor brake power boost unit: If the brake booster develops a problem, there will be issues in effectively bringing the vehicle to a halt. Most of the brake boosters are vacuum controlled, so you would need a special device to measure vacuum. This links with the brake booster. If the results are poor, you would need to replace the boost unit.


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