Turbo Diesel Engine for Your Vehicles

If you invest in fuel additives and periodic fuel injector cleaning for your vehicle’s engine, you might also understand that a car on turbo runs faster and is more efficient – more so if it is a diesel car engine.

As per plain engine physics, the more fuel burnt in an engine, the greater amount of power it will generate. Throwing large amounts of fuel – diesel or gasoline – into the engine is quite simple. However, it is also essential to get the right amount of oxygen into it. This is because the engine does need both air and fuel to make those explosions. This is where a turbo helps – it physically throws air into the combustion chamber with considerable pressure and with lot more air, more fuel gets burnt and powers up the car.

The question that now comes to mind is – if more fuel is burnt, would it not cause poor gas mileage? For someone who drives a turbo charged car with a lead foot, this is true. In other words, more fuel will be used than what would have been sued in the same engine with no turbo. However, the best aspect about turbocharging is that extra power is available on demand or only when the car needs extra power. So, if you drive your car well, there is no need to worry about heavy consumption of fuel in the engine. You will use less diesel because unlike a vehicle with big fuel guzzling engine (using gallons of fuel all the time) your car will simply use little fuel and use little more of it only in that passing lane or on steep slopes.


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