Fuel Additives: To Keep Your Diesel Engine Working In Cold Weather

It is not easy to start diesel engine in cold weather conditions. There are mainly two reasons why attempting to start diesel engines in cold temperatures is so difficult. One is that the initial cold air is drawn into the turbocharger and is compressed into the cylinder head of the engine. The second is that the fuel itself gets so cold and is sprayed into the engine’s combustion chamber.

Adding the right fuel additive mixtures is therefore important if you want your engine to start easily. Fuel additives mix with the diesel fuel and prevent the fuel from freezing even in the coldest temperatures. As well as preventing the fuel from gelling up, fuel additives even improve the efficiency of the fuel.

You can save money at the fuel pumps by adding a good quality fuel additive to your vehicle. Fuel additives have another unique feature. They can clean your car’s fuel injection system and the whole fuel system indeed. Further, you can prevent the black smoke from being emitted from your car and can add your bit in keeping the environment neat and clean.

This is not all. Fuel additive provides your car protection against rust, and provide anti-wear protection for your fuel injector system. This can actually make your car last longer.


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