Tips to Improve the Fuel Economy of Your Vehicle

There are several things you can do to obtain the best fuel economy of your vehicle- car, truck, bike, jeeps, auto wheelers and others.

Avoid idling of engine: ‘Idling’ the engine wastes a lot of fuel and produces unnecessary pollution. It is advisable to shut down the engine when the vehicle is not in motion.

Drive carefully while observing speed limit: Driving too fast or too slow can significantly reduce your fuel economy. Thus, no matter which vehicle do you have, it is advisable to maintain an average speed limit while driving.

Air Filter:

A dirty intake filter can lead to a drop in fuel efficiency. So, it is advisable to check the filter regularly ensuring that it is clean.

Use your gears wisely

Try to drive in the highest gear possible without giving pressure to the engine. It is the most fuel-efficient way of driving.

Provide regular vehicle maintenance: Follow a schedule and do provide regular maintenance to your vehicle.

You can also look for fuel enhancements products and additives that ensure high performance and longevity of your vehicle. Keep your car in good condition!


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