Taking Care of Your Engine and Fleet during winters

During winters, the transport industry faces a lot of problems as breakdowns during inclement weathers are quite dangerous. Here are some simple ways of maintaining your engines and enjoy fuel economy.

You must add quality fuel additives to your trucks or fleets. Fuel additives would add lubrication, help remove the gunk, and would extend and improve the life of your engine. You can enjoy improved mileage with quality fuel additives.

Treat your fuel tanks with additives for the temperatures you will be dealing with. Find out the coldest point that your trucks will run to and accordingly look for the appropriate diesel fuel additive.

Block heaters are good for warming up the engine. They help maintain the heat already in the engine. You can enjoy good fuel saving by being able to start the truck easier.

It is advisable not to idle your trucks. You would be cooling your engine by idling it. If you need to ‘warm’ a truck, it would be better to get in it and drive it around the yard and ‘exercise’ the truck once it has reached maximum oil-pressure. This will help warm the engine, transmission, and suspension.

Ensure that the air hoses are ‘hooked up’ to each other as it is one of the leading causes of brakes freezing up. If there is moisture is air-line, add brake line anti-freeze. But buy a good quality, company ant freeze as a poor quality product can damage the internal brake system.

There is lot more that you can do to keep your fleet in working condition during winters.


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