General safety tips for Generators

A generator can be a lifeline if you are living in an area where power cuts are quite frequent or if your factory premise is based where there is not adequate power supply. Generators provide power back up and ensure that you are able to carry your day to day activities and business operations smoothly. When using diesel or gasoline or other generators, you must keep general safety tips in mind. Some of them are given below:

  • Make sure that you are aware of the basic safety procedures of running a generator. For instance, the generator should not be connected to the power grid in your home or office as it can prove fatal and can cause severe power loads.
  • Always keep the generator outside your premise as they emit carbon monoxide fumes which can prove quite deadly. Place them outside so that the fumes can escape easily.
  • Pets and children should be kept away from the generators. As the generators get very hot when running no one should touch them while they are on.
  • When the generator starts running low, it is important to refuel it immediately. At a wedding or any other event, if the generator stops suddenly, a lot of chaos can also take place. So, ensure that someone responsible is always at hand to refuel a generator. The generator must be off before refueling.
  • Always read the instruction menu that comes with the generator. You might not be aware of the functioning, maintenance, and other aspects related to the seamless operation of your generator. Further, call over professionals for regular maintenance to ensure that your generator runs for long without any trouble.

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