A Car with Diesel Engine Promises Better Fuel Economy!

The first, and indeed the most important feature that most people look for when purchasing new car is the fuel economy. Fuel economy is important because the better the fuel economy as car has, the less one has to spend on gas or diesel. Cars that promise superior fuel economy allow owners to make considerable savings in fuel every month.

Compared to gasoline engines, diesel engine’s fuel economy are more efficient. According to the US Department of Energy, diesel engines are approximately 30-35% more efficient than their gasoline counterparts. Higher efficiency of the diesel engines means that one could spend less money on diesel and would be able to cut down considerably on one’s fuel expense.

Modern diesel engines are made with superior technology-as a result they require less maintenance. Because these engines require less maintenance, one can enjoy further cost savings by buying a car with diesel engine. The superior technology with which these engines are made add to their performance and life, allowing one to enjoy long term benefits of owning a diesel engine car.


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